Please either email me on [email protected] or phone me on 0141 586 8550. I will reply as soon as I am available and gain a brief overview of where you believe that I can help you and, where appropriate, arrange our initial contact.

Initial contact routinely involves up to two sessions (each are up to 50 minutes in length). By the end of these two-sessions, we will confirm an initial understanding of what the issue is; a rudimentary appreciation of where it began and what makes it concerning for you. From this, we will establish initial goals and direction for therapy. It is from this point that you can make a more informed decision on whether you wish to work on what we have unpacked either by yourself or if you would like to move forward with my support.

With my support, we will shape your own bespoke and unique treatment plan and establish criteria for evaluating our success.

Sessions, where appropriate, can be arranged for in-person, telephone, and/or videoconferencing.